New Market Share Record for Mithra Pharmaceuticals in August 2015

Liège, Belgium 30 September 2015, 5 :45 PM – Mithra Pharmaceuticals SA/NV announces it has reached a new record of highest market share of 46.7%1 in August 2015. Today, over 400,000 women (1 woman out of 2) is using a Mithra oral contraceptive product in Belgium (9,000 new patients during August 2015). Mithra also recorded a sales growth of 2% compared to August 2014.

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Mithra Pharmaceuticals has been nominated for the 2015 « L’Entreprise de l’Année® » award.

EY, one of the biggest financial audit firm, organises the 20st election of the Belgian company of the year , the « L’Entreprise de l’Année® » award with its faithful partners L’Echo and BNP Paribas Fortis. EY celebrates companies characterised by their innovation, internationalisation, entrepreneurial spirit, strategic vision, financial situation and their dedication whatever the circumstances.

In order to become candidate for the « L’Entreprise de l’Année® » 2015 award, several stringent selection criteria have to be fulfilled, including a significant turnover growth rate on the last five years, added value and staff. The applying companies are then subject to a in-depth qualitative assessment by EY experts. After the examination of complete dossiers, four companies have been nominated for the 2015 award. These companies will have the opportunity to introduce themselves in front of an independent jury who will determine the « L’Entreprise de l’Année® » 2015 winner, based on presentations and complete dossiers from EY experts.

The 4 companies nominated for the « L’Entreprise de l’Année® » 2015 are:

– Eloy Group
Mithra Pharmaceuticals
– Pairi Daiza

The jury, chaired by Baron Jean Stephenne, will announce on Monday 19th October 2015 the successor of Belourthe, the « L’Entreprise de l’Année® » winner in 2014, in the presence of His Majesty the King of the Belgians.