• The authorities of 3 out of 5 countries give green light to start the Phase II clinical study of the Estetrol-based product candidate dedicated to vasomotor menopausal symptoms (VMS) treatment on menopausal women (Donesta®) on their territories.
  • In parallel, Mithra announces: 8 out of 9 countries selected to host Phase III clinical trials for Mithra’s contraceptive product candidate based on Estetrol (Estelle®) in Europe have already fully approved the clinical trials protocol.
  • The progress of the clinical programs regarding the Estetrol-based products candidate (Donesta®and Estelle®) are in line with objectives and remains on Mithra’s schedule.

Liège, Belgium 29 April 2016 – On the 5 countries selected to host Phase II clinical trial for Mithra’s HRT (Hormone Treatment Therapy) candidate based on Estetrol (Donesta®) in Europe, 3 already fully approved the clinical trial protocol.

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Liège, Belgium 19 April 2016 – Mithra Pharmaceuticals is pleased to announce the publication of its 2015 Annual Report and the invitation for its Ordinary General Shareholder’s meeting.

Annual Report

The Annual Report which outlines Mithra’s achievements in 2015 includes the following information:

  • Overview of Mithra’s R&D pipeline and letter to shareholders;
  • Highlights of Mithra’s strategy and outlook for 2016;
  • Corporate governance section;
  • Financial statements and notes.

François Fornieri, CEO Mithra Pharmaceuticals: “Our 2015 Annual Report highlights the significant milestones Mithra achieved in 2015, a pivotal year in Mithra’s history. It also underlines the efforts and commitment of our teams to support the evolution of Mithra, and more specifically the R&D pillar development of the company.”

This Annual Report is the first Annual Report released by Mithra since its IPO in June 2015. Mithra releases its Annual Report in English and French. In case of interpretation differences, the English version will prevail.

The report is available in English and French and can be downloaded on the website investors.mithra.com as a PDF file.

Ordinary General Shareholder’s meeting

The Ordinary General Shareholder’s meeting of Mithra Pharmaceuticals will be held on 19th May 2016 at 17:00 PM (CEST) in Liège (Belgium). Mithra Pharmaceuticals is pleased to invite its shareholders.

The notice for the Ordinary General Shareholder’s meeting including a description of the formalities to participate in the Meeting is available on the website investors.mithra.com.


Annual Report 2015

Invitation to the Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting