Complex therapeutics

Innovation to improve drug delivery using polymer technology

Mithra has extensive expertise in the development of complex and innovative products using medical polymer technology. The company is leveraging this expertise to target improved, long-lasting delivery of trusted, established approaches to contraception, menopause and hormone-dependent cancers.

Mithra has developed the contraceptive vaginal ring Myring® and Tibelia®, a therapeutic solution composed of tibolone for menopause. It focuses now on the development of a biodegradable subcutaneous implant (Zoreline®) for hormone-dependant cancers.

What is long-acting technology?

Polymer technology allows prolonged drug delivery based on the use of polymer matrices. These enable a drug’s active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to be distributed at a predetermined rate over a period of time (from 1 month to 5 years), maintaining controlled drug delivery with minimum side effects.

It is used for various drug delivery strategies : intra-uterine devices, vaginal rings or implants. Little to no action is required by the patient, which improves compliance and therefore yields better results.

Only a few companies in the world master the development of sustained-release platforms. Mithra is one of them.

R&D projects



Myring® is a contraceptive vaginal ring releasing a combination of hormones, made of ethylene-vinyl-acetate (EVA) copolymers.

Myring® has been marketed in Europe since 2020 and received market approval for the United States in the second semester of 2022.


Menopause & Osteoporosis

Tibelia® is a therapeutical solution composed of Tibolone, a synthetic steroid used for hormone therapy (HT).


Hormone-dependent cancers

Zoreline® is a biodegradable subcutaneous implant for prostate and breast cancer and benign gynecological indications (endometriosis, uterine fibroids).

Mithra is currently developing a one-month implant (3.6 mg goserelin) and a 3-month implant (10.8 mg goserelin).

Projects pipeline

Clinical Development
Myring™ - Contraception (EU : commercialized)
Tibelia® - Menopause
Zoreline® - Hormone-dependent cancers

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