Corporate responsibility

Mithra’s patronage policy is founded on the desire to have all local, regional and national communities benefit from the fruits of the company’s success

There are four streams to our corporate commitment:

Children’s rights

Mithra is committed to protecting and promoting Children’s rights

Raising awareness of the importance of Children’s rights within the company

Mithra is an active member of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles (CRPB) Commission, the aim of which is to raise companies’ awareness of children’s rights.

Since 2014 Mithra has been working with local children’s aid centres to offer a recreational activity to almost 120 children and staff originating from Belgium’s two principal linguistic communities.

Children’s Rights and Business Principles

All children have rights, wherever and whenever, and all these rights are of equal importance and are closely linked. The Principles governing companies in the field of children’s rights call on companies throughout the world to respect and defend children’s rights through their activities and their commercial relations, in particular at the workplace, on the markets and within the community and the environment.

Read the principles here

Women’s health

Mithra helps women in their approach to female health via new educational initiatives

Women’s issues: promoting safe sex among young people

In order to improve understanding of contraception among young people and promote responsible, safer sex, Mithra has developed educational, amusing videos in conjunction with a teaching hospital.

These clips were distributed to the family planning network in 2014 and 2015. Since 2016 Mithra has extended the distribution of these videos to its women’s health website: Gyn&co

Gyn&co: All women’s health issues

Mithra has developed an aid for female patients, in the form of a website entirely devoted to women’s health. Gyn&co deals with issues of adolescence, menstruation, contraception, pregnancy, infertility, the menopause, intimate hygiene and gynaecological diseases.

The Women’s Questions and Gyn&co Minute clips can be viewed there, along with almost 200 illustrated articles.

Women’s sport

Mithra encourages and supports women in sport to promote gender equality and help women affirm their presence in society

Standard Fémina – The Liège women’s football team

For the flagship Liège football team, Standard Fémina, Mithra’s sponsorship is essential since women’s sport, unlike men’s sport, often lacks commercial support, especially at the elite level.

Standard Femina’s ladies became Belgian champions for the 20th time in 2017, their seventh consecutive title. Champions of the BeNe League in 2015, the team is also participating in the prestigious women’s European Champions’ League in 2017.

Mithra Castors de Braine – the Braine-l’Alleud basketball team

Mithra’s partnership with the Braine basketball team enables it to extend its support for women’s sport to a new discipline and a new region within the country.

Mithra Castors de Braine won another title of Champions of Belgium in 2017, their third in succession, and were runners-up in the 2014 Euroleague.


Mithra support cultural initiatives which enhance regional attractiveness and contribute to the socio-economic landscape

Mithra Jazz Festival: raising the Jazz in Liège Festival to a European level

Now known as the “Mithra Jazz Festival”, this major Belgian cultural event was founded 25 years ago. Passionate about jazz and their city, the founders of the jazz festival Jazz in Liège and Mithra share the same vision: facilitating access to culture to a wider audience. Mithra, a partner since 2013, has thus contributed to enhancing and extending the festival’s programme. Thanks to this support, the festival’s profile has been projected on the European jazz festival stage, thus contributing to its long-term future. It was in recognition of this exceptional commitment that Mithra received the CAIUS national cultural patronage prize in 2014.

Sponsoring demand

Faced with the huge number of requests we receive, we have determined the outlines of our commitment in order to provide more effective support. We thus support projects related to the four streams mentioned above. As a sponsor, Mithra offers its support essentially through finance or advertising. We carefully evaluate each of the requests made, paying close attention to our applicants’ requirements.

If you are thinking of Mithra as a sponsor for your project, please send your request by e-mail to the address “”. Any requests sent by another channel will not be processed. We also disregard late requests (i.e. within two months of the launch of the project) and/or which are not in line with our support policy.