Information on the Total Number of Voting Rights (Denominator)

Liege, Belgium, 25 February 2019 – 17:45 CET – In accordance with article 15 of the Law of 2 May 2007 on the disclosure of large shareholdings, Mithra Pharmaceuticals SA announces the following information, following the issuance of 24,750 new shares on 30 January 2019 for an amount of EUR 84 690 as the result of the exercise of 15 subscription rights (warrants) pursuant to the warrant plan initiated on 2 March 2015. Following this capital increase, Mithra now has 37.664.245 outstanding shares carrying voting rights (37,639,495 outsanding shares previously).

Therefore, Mithra publishes the updated following information :

  • Share capital: EUR 27,573,880.18
  • Total number of securities carrying voting rights: 37,664,245 (all ordinary shares)
  • Total number of voting rights (= denominator): 37,664,245 (all relating to ordinary shares)
  • Number of rights to subscribe securities carrying voting rights not yet issued:
    • Pursuant to the warrant plan of 2 March 2015: 635 warrants giving right to 1,047,750 shares
    • Pursuant to the warrant plan of 5 November 2018: 1,238,339 warrant giving right to 1,238,339 shares