Mithra Pharmaceuticals consolidates its partnership with Club Brugge

For several years now, Mithra has been investing in football by sponsoring Standard Club (men’s and women’s team) together with Club Brugge. These two clubs share a history and common values with Mithra. From the outset, the company has perceived football as a means of opening up to new networks, and also to promote women, its core business, in all aspects of daily life, including male-dominated sports.
<h2>National visibility</h2>
This new partnership between Mithra and Club Brugge completely falls within the scope of the development ambitions of the Liège spin-off, particularly with the capital-raising it envisages.

Better known in Wallonia than in Flanders, Mithra above all sees itself as a Belgian company. This is why the company wishes to develop and consolidate its notoriety in Flanders, through greater visibility to the general public and potential industrial and financial partners. This new partnership can obviously contribute to this goal.
<blockquote>“For many years now, we have been supporting women’s sports clubs which are developing in male-dominated sports such as basketball and football. The connection with our core business, women’s health, is undeniable”, emphasises François Fornieri, CEO of Mithra Pharmaceuticals and a passionate football supporter. “Mithra notably owes its success to its local roots in Belgium. Sport brings people together, throughout the world. By sponsoring sports teams, Mithra wishes to be a part of society. This is also particularly motivating for company employees who are inspired by “our” clubs’ performance. This motivates them and strengthens our team’s cohesion and dynamism.”</blockquote>