Mithra Presents Positive Hemostasis Results at ISGE Conference


  • Analysis across a range of parameters points to limited hemostatic impact for Estelle®, at least comparable to EE/LNG (Melleva®) and much lower than benchmark EE/DRSP (Yaz®)
  • Results corroborate earlier findings and further delineate unique safety profile of Estelle®

Liège, Belgium, March 08, 2018 – Mithra (Euronext Brussels: MITRA), a company specialized in Women’s Health, today presents more details of its Phase II hemostasis study of Estelle®, Mithra’s combined oral contraceptive (COC) candidate based on 15 mg E4 (Estetrol) and 3 mg DRSP (drospirenone). The data were presented at the occasion of the Gynaecological Endocrinology Conference (ISGE) in Florence.