Benjamin Brands – Chief Supply Chain Officer

M. Brands holds a bachelor’s degree from the university of Liège ( Belgium) in Public Health with a major in Epidemiology and Health Economics and has over 10 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. His area of expertise covers Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and Supply Chain.

M. Brands started his career at Astra Zeneca in a commercial role and joined Mithra in 2009 to take growing responsibilities in the Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs department. After developing the Quality Assurance activity at Mithra as QA Manager he progressively transitioned to Supply Chain Manager to develop the whole Supply activities and manage the growing logistic and supply streams.

His deep knowledge of the logistical organisation within the company together with his sound experience in establishing and developing the Supply Chain activity allows M. Brands to take the role as Chief Supply Chain Officer at Mithra. In this position M. Brands will address the Mithra CDMO logistic and supply development , which is key to the company’s growth.