Third place for Mithra in the first Randstad Regional Award

Study context and methodology

For the past 14 years, Randstad has been assessing the appeal of employers of more than 1,000 individuals on a national scale. This study is currently applied in 23 other countries, on 4 continents. In order to take local labour market factors into account, Randstad conducted an identical opinion survey between April and May 2014, on businesses with less than 1,000 employees in the Liège region. More than 1 600 individuals shared their opinions on employer branding for 24 private businesses with at least 7% notoriety.

Third place for Mithra

The Randstad Regional Award is given to the company which has the higher overall score in terms of relative appeal. This value is obtained by calculating the average number of points assigned to an employer known to the respondent and for whom he/she would like to work. Based on its national study, Randstad has drawn up a list of criteria for employer branding, i.e. criteria which influence an applicant’s choice. The criteria-based analysis demonstrates Mithra’s key presence in the top 3 most attractive companies in Liège. Liège Airport and Mithra share second places. Mithra ranks second in terms of competitive pay, corporate financial health and job description, and ranks third notably in terms of future prospects, pleasant working environment, job security and corporate concern for the environment.

Analysis of the sub-groups of respondents also proves that Mithra ranks second amongBaccalauréat holders and the 18-24 age group, and third for older respondents.

Top 10 relative appeal of Liège employers

  1. EVS : 72 %
  2. Liège Airport : 56 %
  3. Mithra : 52 %
  4. Jouets Broze : 47 %
  5. Lyreco : 39 %
  6. Lampiris : 39 %
  7. Eloy Travaux : 39 %
  8. Balteau : 37 %
  9. Air Liquide : 36 %
  10. Knauf : 35 %

About Randstad

Randstad Group Belgium comprises three entities in Belgium, Randstad, Tempo-Team and B-bridge. The group employs 1,637 people. It has 299 agencies and HR centres located in Belgium. Randstad, human resources specialist (temping, recruitment and selection, outplacement, training, in-house agencies, human resource projects, project-sourcing, consultancy, service vouchers), is Belgium’s largest employer. Each week, the company, Belgian leader in the temping, outplacement and service voucher fields, sends more than 29,000 people out to work.