Nouvelle levée de fonds pour Mithra

« Via le fonds de pension Ogeo Fund dont il préside le comité de direction, Stéphane Moreau a participé à un tour de table en vue d’une augmentation de capital, avec une mise de 10 millions. L’opération a permis à François Fornieri, patron-fondateur de Mithra, de récolter plus de 25 millions d’euros. »

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Mithra Jazz Festival is a success

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A new partner: Mithra Pharmaceuticals

Anxious for this rich heritage and desire for openness to bear fruit, the Liège Jazz festival is therefore delighted to pass a new milestone in achieving a broader national reputation, within Euregio, while investing major resources, as of this year, to go up a whole new level in terms of line-up.

Thanks to the arrival of a new partner, its historical support, and festival-goers who travelled in multitudes last year, the festival, which has now been named “Mithra Jazz Festival”, will be announcing an extremely ambitious programme this year, both in terms of popularity and quality.

The arrival of a new partner like Mithra, which shares the same views on culture in Liège as Jazz à Liège, will allow the event to considerably invest in the line-up as of this year, and further expand the reach of the festival.

“Because being a socially aware company also means fully participating in the life of its region, not only from an economic perspective, but also on a social, cultural and artistic level…

Because supporting an event which brings together history and discovery, creativity and recognition, quality and popularity corresponds to our fundamental values…

And, lastly, because success can only be shared and nurtured by synergy, as the 2014 edition coincides with our 15th anniversary…

At Mithra, we are delighted to support the Jazz à Liège Festival and to be an official partner this year.

In any company based on human values, regardless of the project promoted, there is nothing greater than working together in the same mindset; which I discovered from the outset in the Jazz à Liège project…

The synergy created between our different worlds and professions can only nurture a dynamic which, in Liège, only wants to be heard. And the 2014 edition offers us a golden opportunity…

We wish everyone an excellent festival, full of wonderful new discoveries.”

François Fornieri