Mithra Acquires 100% Rights of Myring and Zoreline® and Closes first Distribution Deal


• Mithra buys 50% of Novalon SA
• Mithra (Novalon) buys back rights relating to Zoreline® and Myring (therapeutic equivalent products of branded products having realized, in 2014, worldwide sales in excess of 1.6 billion EUR) from GSP
• Mithra (Novalon) concludes its first commercialisation partnership for Zoreline® for selected countries

Liège, Belgium, 08 December 2015 – REGULATED INFORMATION- Mithra and GSP are pleased to announce that they have entered into a number of transactions by which Mithra has acquired the complete ownership of Novalon SA, the company which develops the projects Zoreline® and Myring, which are therapeutic equivalents to branded products which, in 2014, realized aggregate worldwide sales in excess of 1.6 billion EUR, as well as the global rights to these products. In parallel, they have entered into the first distribution deal for selected countries in respect of Zoreline®.

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