Environmental Social Governance

Our commitment to ESG

As a leading women’s health company, it is our purpose to improve women’s quality of life through meaningful innovation. We want to provide a great place to work for our collaborators, promoting diversity, equal opportunity and integrity. Together, we want to deliver long-term value to our stakeholders, while reducing our environmental impact and supporting impactful projects for women’s empowerment.




Ethics & Integrity

Women Empowerment

Develop innovative and safe solutions addressing the unmet needs of our patients in order to improve their quality of life
Reduce the environmental impact of our solutions and operations
Improve the health and well-being of our collaborators, ensuring they have the chance to develop their skills and equal opportunities irrelevant of gender
Ethics & Integrity
Create an environment applying the highest ethical standards, in terms of governance, communication and sourcing
Women Empowerment
Support impactful and meaningful projects that aim to help women gain well-being and empowerment

Our latest ESG report

Corporate Governance

At Mithra, we are committed to the highest Belgian governance principles and standards of ethics, seeking to continuously strengthen our Corporate Governance practices.

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